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Certified, Trusted & Professional Mold Inspectors

Our team of trusted, proven experts has served Toronto and the GTA community since 2005 with accurate and reliable mold inspections. Canadian owned and operated, we stand behind the work we do in helping to safeguard the health of your family and employees, as well as protect the value of your home and business.

In dealing with us you always engage directly with the principals of our business – unlike fly-by-night or franchised mold inspection companies – providing you with full transparency and a personal, hands-on approach.

Recommended by Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Homeowners, has conducted thousands of Mold and Indoor Air Quality Tests, serving property owners, landlords, tenants, property managers, insurance companies and business.

Our team is trusted by the community in which we live and work. Featured on CTV, we are well-educated experts in our field, with all the certifications required to accurately inspect and detect mold safely and professionally from your home or business.

We are members in good standing and certified by the IICRC, ACAC, AIHA, IAQA, Environmental Solutions Association and HIP. Plus, we employ a 3rd party lab for sample analysis to prevent the possibility of conflict-of-interest.

Our 6-Step Mold Inspection Process

We want the mold inspection process to be transparent and understandable to you, in order to ensure the best experience possible for our clients. Carried out by certified mold inspectors, our process involves 6 steps, including:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Visual Inspection
  • Sampling
  • Reporting
  • Recommendations for Removal
  • Final Air Sampling

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

There are a number of reasons that make a mold inspection a sound decision.

  • Health
    The existence of mold can cause serious health issues, especially among the young, elderly and those with respiratory problems. Professional mold inspection services can spot and prevent the further spread of mold, protecting you and your family.
  • Real Estate Transactions
    Regular home inspections may not detect mold growth behind walls, ceilings and insulation. Plus, humidity levels and differences from room-to-room may cause hidden moisture problems. These problems can, over time, be highly expensive to repair and hurt the value of your property.
  • Former Flooding
    Regular home inspections may not detect previous flooding, hidden leaks, suspected leaks and the chance of re-flooding – potentially expensive issues that may all lead to mold growth.
  • Drug Houses
    Regular home inspections may not detect toxic mold caused by former residential ‘Marijuana Grow Operations’, many of which end up condemned or require extensive mold remediation in order to make them safe to live in.

The Mold Inspection & Testing Services We Provide

Our team provides:

  • Toxic Mold Testing
  • Carpet Sampling
  • Construction Mold Problems
  • Pre-Purchase Mold Inspection
  • Preventative Mold Treatments
  • Household Moisture Assessment
  • Moisture intrusion detection (Leak Detection)
  • Mold Abatement
  • Mold Remediation

Should you suspect the presence of mold in your home or business, contact us today – Mold Inspection specialists serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – at (416) 575-6111.

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