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Mold Inspections in Burlington

In Spring 2011, fierce winds upwards of 90 km/h hit Burlington and the surrounding area, resulting in the Burlington Skyway’s closure in both directions. Tornadoes were rumored to touch down nearby, creating severe damage – flooded basements, roof damage and more – to numerous homes.

How Can Mold Get into My Home?

Storm damage can easily unhinge roof shingles, tear away sidings or lead to more obvious damage like a flooded basement. Damage caused by acts of nature can result in moisture intrusion, which, if left unchecked, can lead to mold. In tiny, hidden places this can result in serious mold problems because it tends to go unnoticed.

Mold is found all around us in the natural environment, but can pose serious health risks when it builds up in an enclosed space, such as a home or work space. Mold only needs humidity and a food source (drywall, carpeting and upholstery) to thrive and spread. Leaks, flooding and water damage are just some of the potential starting points for mold infestations in a home or office.

Why is Mold Testing So Important?

Mold can cause respiratory issues, muscle pains and headaches, along with less obvious symptoms such as nosebleeds, memory loss and nausea. People experiencing these symptoms often have no idea they have mold in their home, and only proper testing can determine if mold is present. Some species of mold can aggravate allergies while others are toxic to all humans.

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