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The Collingwood and Wasaga Beach area is full of prime real estate that is located next to one of Ontario’s largest playgrounds: Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Sometimes these homes go entire seasons without being used and many are bought and sold as cottages. If you do own a home or are planning to buy in the area, ensure that you undergo an annual mold inspection to ensure the home has no moisture intrusion or water damage issues.

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Can a mold inspection save you money?

Yes. Certain types of mold are not only dangerous to your health, they can also be hazardous to your home. Mold feeds on organic matter to survive, and this organic matter can include many of the most important structural components of your home, such as wood and drywall. Mold can also ruin other items such as carpeting, ceilings and window coverings. In some cases, mold infestations in the home render it unsafe, which is why it’s important to have a mold inspection done before the problem becomes too large – and too expensive to fix properly.

Thinking of renting your cottage? Get a mold inspection

Collingwood and Wasaga Beach real estate is perfect for renting out to families looking for a break from the city. But before you do, consider a mold inspection to ensure your renters’ health is not compromised. Beach life brings constant humidity, frequent showering and the potential for floods – all of which can cause mold growth.

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