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Similar to special investigations in popular television programs like CSI, mold detection and identification done correctly by knowledgeable professionals truly is a science unto itself. With over 150 known species of mold – including benign common molds, ever-present in the air we breathe, and dangerous molds including Chaetomium, Mucor, and Stachybotrys – specialized experts with advanced investigative and thermal imaging technology are required to properly diagnose a mold outbreak.

Our professional experts are trained to:

  • Detect the cause and location of the mold.
  • Identify whether the mold found is toxic or non-toxic.
  • Aid in recommending when additional parties become involved (insurance agent, lawyer or landlord).

State-of-the-Art Mold Detection Technology

Mold grows by consuming and decaying organic building materials such as carpeting, upholstery and clothing. The longer the mold grows, the more mold damage to the building or structure.

However, the presence and threat level of existing molds cannot be discerned solely by the naked eye. Our fully-certified trained team of experts employs the latest in detection technology to assess and detect mold in your home.

Like a crack team of CSI investigators, we employ thermal imaging cameras, luminometers, moisture meters (both penetrating and non-penetrating), boroscopes, hygrometers and air sampling pumps. In our inspections we also conduct temperature and humidity checks through your home or business. During removal and remediation we recommend the use of negative air pressure machines and HEPA filters – which safely permanently capture the microscopic mold spores.

Educated, Certified & Professional

Our inspectors are viewed as experts in their field. As such, our team of widely university-educated professionals have been called upon to act as expert witnesses in court proceedings relating to mold and indoor air quality issues.

We have certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ACAC, Environmental Solutions Association. We have professional memberships with IAQA, Environmental Solutions Association, AIHA, Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario, and Healthy Indoors Partnership (HIP). We have professional and general liability insurance with $2 million liability and our inspectors have coverage with WSIB.

Is Mold in the Air a Risk to My Health?

Mold spores can cause serious health problems even when the spores are not viable (not alive) or dormant (inactive while waiting for more moisture to resume growth). Inhaling, ingesting or touching both non-viable and dormant molds can make a mold-sensitive person ill.

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