Toronto Mold Inspection Services

Our services include providing testing for mold in real estate transactions including homes with visible mold, suspected marijuana grow houses and homes with known leaks, previous flooding or suspected leaks or flooding.

Our Toronto Mold Inspection Services are for those who are experiencing possible side effects and illnesses from excess mold, hidden mold and mold mycotoxins in their homes.

Our Toronto Mold Removal Services follow the strict guidelines set forth by the Canadian Construction Association. provides Toronto Asbestos Testing and Removal. Our services include assessments, surveying, air sampling and reporting on asbestos containing materials. Removal is done by qualified and fully trained asbestos abatement professionals.

We are licensed and equipped to perform Wood Destroying Insect and Toronto Termite Inspections including carpenter ants and termites.

All of our services are performed 7 days a week and are usually booked within 24 to 48 hours.